Video Sundays – Chinese Children’s Songs

The other day Krysta wanted to learn some stuff about being Chinese. We looked at some photos and then headed over to You Tube. Here we found some songs that have become Krysta’s favourites and we have even been able to play this one ont he TV using her new Wii. Though I have to say that I think that the quality of the video on the Wii leaves a lot to be desired.

I do not know the first two nursery rhymes, so any help here would be appreciated.

Here are the words of the third.

liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ,
liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ.

pǎo de kuài,
pǎo de kuài.

yī zhī méi yǒu ěr duo,
yī zhī méi yǒu wěi ba.

zhēn qí guài,
zhēn qí guài.

English translation

Two tigers, two tigers
Run so fast, run so fast
One has no ears,
One has no tail
So strange! So strange!

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