coloured police cars

One of my photos taken during the stupidity of the last APEC summit created quite a stream of comments. Here are some of them, with my crazy suggestion at the end.

purple police

c.j.b says:

The ‘Purple Cops’ are the State Protection Group? …you’re lucky they didn’t shoot you in the face for just looking at them funny –

yeppoon_super says:

c.j.b the coloured cars are simply coloured Highway Patrol cars. Nothing fancy or special. Been around various parts of the State for years, simply put they get better resale than white cars.

ozczecho says:

hehehe…you got one as well…purple cop cars…someone help us 🙂

adam.ramage says:

lol these cars were introduced to blend into traffic more reds blues and other colours are used . highway patrols use them heaps in NSW.

But at the end of the day, I think that they should be colour coded. This way you can know how the police will react.

White – for good police
Black – for bad police
Red – for police who really want you to drive off really fast so they can have a car chase.
Purple – for police who like having sex with suspects or people they have taken home.

Fell free to add the colour of your choice.

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