Stilgherrian and Project TOTO

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Stilgherrian is going to Tanzania on Project Toto.  So he had a going-away-and-maybe-not-coming-back-party at Kelly’s on King. There were quite a few people from the ABC there so I found myself feeling like I was on TV. He is going over there to stir political ferment by introducing them to blogging. The place may never be the same. But the internet is very expensive and their incomes very low. Only today I was reading that the median price for an E1 (2MB/s) circuit from London to Johannesburg is $13,000 USD and that the median price for 1 GB/s circuit from London to New York is $14,000. I would expect that anything to Tanzania will be more expensive still.

As an aside, there have been some interesting developments that came to quite head at this party, though they are in themselves not related to the party apart from the people were there.

For the last months I have seen that Matthew at work has been shouting at the people on the IT help desk. It is not unusual for Matthew to be abusive to people, as they say, it is in his nature. So I thought it was nothing out of the ordinary. However, recently our IT help desk moved to India.

In the last month or so, people have been saying that 3 (the phone company I use) and TPG the internet service provider I use have bad customer service. I have never had reason to use TPG’s customer service, but I have to say that 3 has some of the best customer service i have seen and now that I will get a new phone, I will most probably stick with 3. Their good customer service is one reason.

Now at the party it became apparent as Miss Wired several other people launched into an attack on Indian call centres.  When I was dubious about this, Ajay  and one other said it was ok for him to say this as they is Asian. They provide bad service they say. They only follow scripts. They do not understand my needs. So it became apparent. There was a movement afoot to bad mouth the Indians. To be deliberately obtuse and unhelpful on the phone, but say, lying about what was plugged in the phone line. I can see why the Indians in Sydney are so upset. I can see why people are attacking them. They are very unhappy. I see that to. So SHAME ON YOU AUSTRALIANS. I give you three stars on brain’s Herr Gobles we know how to use racism to cause trouble scale.

Here is a link to an altercation in a train the other day. The Indians were clearly unhappy and on the defensive. I am on thier side in this one.

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