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Washing Machine Door Repair

We have a LG direct drive washing machine. It is the second one I have had and I have been very happy with the machines. But since living frith the girls we have been breaking the door handles. Apparently this is a safety feature. If one tries to force open the door while it is locked then the plastic handle breaks. I am guessing that one of the girls is tying to open the door.

I ordered a replacement part. This time I ordered two so that we have a spare. Last time I ordered one it was about $7, this time over $10. That’s a big increase over 12 months.

One thing we learned on YouTube was how to open a broken door with a plastic card. It is always handy to keep some old cards to open the door and I have become quite good at doing it without damaging the card.

Replacing the part is relatively easy once you know how. The first time I did it, I took over an hour because I did not pay enough attention to the way the spring was connected. This time I just took the spring and latch out together, slid the new door handle in and reconnected the pin. It took about 10 seconds. To be on the safe side I took a photo first to make sure I knew what it looked like.




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