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Slimefest 2013

On our last trip to The Blue Mountains, the girls decided that they wanted to go to slime fest. Kirsten booked two tickets on the way down using her phone. But we did not notice they there was a height limit of 140 cm and Krysta is way short of this.

We ended up buying two more tickets. By the time we ordered the tickets we could no longer get adjacent seats.

On the day we drove down the wounded relo to Homebush Bay. I dropped everyone off and went and found some easy to find parking.

Out the front they had what was touted as a festival. But really it was just a few rides and some food vans. We got some food. After the show the girls went on some of the rides.

I went into the general admission (standing area) with Milla. They had a token height measured which we (as the only ones) used to see if Milla was tall enough. She was. But there was no policing of the limit and many small children in the standing area.


There proceeded a long list of acts. Most only did one or two songs. Only A few did three. I find the music and show uninteresting and was very bored by the end of it. I found a good spot next to the sound mixing desk where I thought the sound wold be the best and where I could avoid being slimed.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Milla managed to get slimed, but also had to put up with much pushing and shoving. Being at the lower height limit she was unable for much of the time to see the actual stage. (This is the reason for the height limit.)


After the show we ate many free dinosaur slime ice creams. Teresa did not seem to have minded that she did not get to see the show. The day was very hot so we did not take the opportunity to do anything else in Olympic Park.


We bought some of the overpriced merchandise including sponge Bon show bags, caps, t shirts and the last CD in stock.

The relo made it back to Lawson, but the joints were making much more noise.

All in all I thought it was somewhat poorly organised and just did the minimum to make the show work.

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