Burglary Rate

We will soon be moving from Kalorama to Monbulk. I was talking to a woman in the bus. She was horrified and advised that we get good locks and maybe even an alarm system as Monbulk is very much more at risk than Kalorama.

Doing some research on the internet I found a RACV site which has some information on the topic. It was much better than the Victoria Police site that only uses such large areas that the crime rates in Monbulk and Kalorama are the same owing to them being on the same district.

According to the RACV the crime rate is Kalorama is 1 in 241 and in Monbulk it is 1 in 144. The woman was right, Monbulk is 67% more at risk. But still, Monbulk is twice as good as the state average of 1 in 71. If my conversion rate is right, according to the Victoria Police the crime against property rate (which is more all encompassing) is 1 in 26 for the region ED2 (Knox).

Sadly the RACV page lacks in units. I guess it is an annual figure.

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