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Is Monbulk part of Melbourne

We have discussed this a few times. Kirsten thinks we are a suburb of Melbourne. I think we are a country town.

Looking at the various different definitions, the whole of the Yarra ranges is part of metropolitan Melbourne. So much for the senselessness of using LGAs to define the place. But we are outside the metropolitan taxi zone.

But I have some other yardsticks. There is a business called Monbulk Rural and Produce stores and farm machinery servicing and repair shops. All signs that we are in the country and not in a suburb.

In our post box we get junk mail for things like spreaders, sprayers and high flow diesel pumps. Not very suburban either.

When we “go into town” we go to the local shops. We don’t go to the Melbourne CBD.

This is my argument for Monbulk being a country town outside the metropolis.