Twilight Ride

Bike Sydney Twilight Ride

in the forest

Bike Sydney Twilight Ride

bike ride

I went on the Bike Sydney Twilight Ride. We were to ride around Glebe, but as Art And About 2009 had just started, with street installations, we went and saw that instead. In the end we still did a shortened ride of Glebe.

When I was waiting a tourist, possible Japanese, but hard to tell really, wanted to take a photo with me and the trike. We asked one of the other riders to take the photo. He begrudgingly accepted. He said, I guess the Japanese are better than the Chinese or Koreans. Later I let him know I was Chinese! What a dork.

I rode around a bit of the Glebe Foreshore I had never been along before. This had not been design, but just a result of where we used to walk. I had not even realised there was such a bit. It was excellent and had lots of interesting bits of old Sydney Town history.

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