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faheem's fast food

It was a good night out. We headed to faheem’s fast food on enmore road in enmore. It was a delight to be amongst people who enjoy good food. I have been missing this.

The first thing took me half the night to work out. I have not come across this in such a ling time that it was only a vague memory. It is the approach of going to a place based onnthe fact that they do one or two dishes very well. In this case it was an excellent tandoori. One of the best I have had.

The second is to take delight in food, free from social and political stigmas, prejudice and selfish desires. It makes eating food an enjoyable experience. I have not enjoyed eating with a group of people like this in many years.

Tandoori in enmore

Yacinta took some photos with her good camera. I will provide a link when she posts the photos. Her blog post is here.