Le Tour De Disneyland

I am not sure that I have ever been up at 4:30 AM on Christmas Day before, but today I was. I headed down Marrickville road to Mic Mazza’s to see Gi and co head off on their intrepid ride to Melbourne and for some, onto Tasmania. They are travelling light and expecting to do 200 km a day on average. I think that this is overly ambitious, but they are a million times fitter than I am.

Le Tour De Disneyland

We were waiting for some time for the group to show up. Then just one rider, Anthony, who said that the seat post mounting rack he had borrowed would not work because it was rubbing against his leg. Lindsay to the rescue lent him another one and he headed back to pack. I am surprised at how light they travel. I travel with a full set of panniers. I know Gi knows what he is in for, he has done other rides like this and does Iron Man competitions. But I am not so sure about the others, though they are superbly fit. At about 5:20 they finally all showed up and by 5:30 they were riding south into the massive storm front heading across the south coast, the remnants of a cyclone off the WA North West Coast a week ago.

Le Tour De Disneyland Le Tour De Disneyland Le Tour De Disneyland

I have no idea as to why Gi gave the tour this name.

Le Tour De Disneyland

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