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Dyslexic Computers

Both my computers have become dyslexic, the one at work whch is a Windows 2000 computer running explorer 6 and my home computer which is a mac running safari have the same bit of dyslexia going on. When I select the letter B in the web browser, I get a list of the words I have previously typed starting with the letter B. But, on both computers, the letter B is sometimes (say 50%) replaced with the letter G as in this screen shot. The pick list item is BOP+RML/KDI, but the text is GOP+RML/KDI.

pick list problem

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  1. worthlesswonder (6 hours ago | reply | delete)

    i have dyslexia i have no clue what this list is all about . what is this would you please explain this to me. is it a test or what ?

  2. yewenyi (4 hours ago | edit | delete)

    You are being paranoid. Not a test, an observation.

  3. worthlesswonder (25 minutes ago | reply | delete)

    no sorry i am not paranoid . your little site here is making fun of a serious problem . i must report your discrimination to flickr and yahoo. you are promoting hate.

  4. yewenyi (5 minutes ago | edit | delete)

    as someone who is a bit dyslexic myself you are taking it far too seriously and you should see the lighter side of life!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

Man: I swear that ge went there, but we don’t know what he did when he was there!

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