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新年快樂 2010

I went up to Terrigal for Chinese New Year dinner. It was a traditional Singaporean Chinese dinner with the Raw fish salad (Yusheng) as the starting meal. In my family we never celebrated the Chinese events, though occasionally we went to Asian-Australian Family Association gatherings, such as for the Autumn Festival. Since I have been in Sydney I have been learning these traditional meals from Billy and Keat that I have not had in my time here in Australia.

Billy has a post here about the meal and he describes all the dishes he made.

I headed north on the train. I had not checked for track works, but luckily there were none. When I changed trains at Town Hall there was a train at the platform, so I hopped onto it. Over the next few platforms I worked out that it did not go to Turramurra, but went through the tunnel to Epping. So I changed trains at St Leonards.

At Turramurra, I met up with Amy, Rob and Michelle and Rob drove us up to Terrigal. As we were a bit early we went to the coast and did some rock hopping.

The signature dish is Yusheng (魚生). You start with a dish of various vegetables and toss it in the air for good luck using chopsticks. I have to be amused. This traditional dish was not invented in the poshest of Singaporean restaurants until 1964. We left Singapore in 1967. So even if we did do Chinese New Year things, we would never have eaten this dish, becuase the dish itself is not traditional!

After we finished this we had a good, maybe a bit to sweet, corn and sesame soup which had a delightful texture.

This was followed by a plat of little eats including peeking duck.

Now came a series of main courses, including roast pork with peanut sauce and beef rendang.

By this time I was very full and struggling to eat more. But more was to come. Next was a plate of deserts.

Followed by Billys Pineapple Rolls.

We watched a movie after this and then the next morning continued to eat. Kate made pancakes with berries and yoghurt and maple syrup and provided some lollies.

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