Afternoon rain

After a nap and some surfing of the web, I headed out again. The afternoon rain had set in. It was very light, but wet enough to make me want to keep my camera in the bag to keep it dry. I headed across the road and found a large shopping centre. The shops were very up market. Though it was quite empty of people. I went up to the top floor and found a food hall. I was still working on Sydney time, so I grabbed a meal. Though it turned out to be my worst choice of the stay. I had chicken rice in a hot pot. But, halfway through the chicken, I discovered that it was not cooked properly. So I decided not to eat any more.

After this I wandered the street away from my hotel and where I had been before. To the north was an area full of motor cycle riders. But I did not venture far becuase of the rain. To the west, I also went a block and found a broken motorcycle and a closed toilet block.

As it was still raining and I had not eaten properly I grabbed a meal at Uncle John’s. I had a bit of a discussion with the waitress about what the meal might be, but I really was not expecting the sort of Noodle Soup I would make myself at home. How very unusual. The mango smoothie was very very good.

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