Finding a shop

For some time now I have known of a shop called Recumbent and Specialised Cycling in Broadway. But try as I might I could not find it and I had assumed it had closed. Then the other day someone I know passed it and told me where it was because he knew I would be interested in the finding of a shop for recumbents. This evening I headed down there. I walked down King Street beside the new cycleway, then along the western distributor on the shared footpath and cycleway and over Pyrmont Bridge. I saw why the cyclists all complain about this. The King Street Cycleway is very good as it is the newest. The shared path on the western distributor is too narrow for the purpose. But it was here that people were the best behaved. All the pedestrians were walking on the edge of the path way allowing the cyclsits the best opportunity to get through. For Sydney this type of cooperative coexistence is extraordinary unusual. But then on the Pyrmont Road Bridge this all ceased to be. The pedestrians, now on a much wider pathway spread out to be equidistant and take up all the space. The bicycles had to weave through the intervening spaces. Also the bridge has many more tourists, who want to stop and look.  This means they head off in random directions making the whole thing much more unpredictable. This is why the cyclists do not like the bridge.

Over the bridge I headed down along the uneven surface past the fish market.

I continued along to and down Wattle Street.

What I found was a man in an old warehouse with multiple tenants. He was putting together his first recumbent a cat trike tandem in amongst the filing cabinets and shelving. He has a dream of setting up an import business and this was his first machine. He was complaining on how he had ordered 6 machines, from Cat Trike and a German company I cannot remember.

The shop is at:

Unit W
44 Wattle Street,
Ulitmo, Sydney, NSW

Continuing down Wattle street I passed a hotel proporting to be for young Australians, but I only saw two boys under 18.  I went into the shopping centre on Broadway, but did not find any eating places. Walking out onto City Road I remembered that there was a place I wanted to try. I have passed it many times on the bus. So I had Wandan Chicken for dinner at the Golden Fang Chinese Malaysian Restaurant. They had hotpots so I will have to go back sometime and try that.

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