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New Bike Bits

Well I went on a bit of a spending frenzy this week. One thing is still in the post and a couple are on the bike already.

The parts are from greenspeed, blackman cycles and a shop in hong kong. They are:

  • 11 spokes of various sizes (129, 147 and 150 mm) from Greenspeed. (It turns out that I needed three spoke sizes for spares, one size for the front wheel and two for the back, one for the left size and the other for the right).
  • 4 meters of SRAM chain, (PC-59B SRAM PC 951)
  • a 6V DN-BM Busch and Müller Dynamo
  • some lights
  • a strange holder thingy,
  • some head lights
  • a pull action foot pump from cyclaire.

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