CQ training ride #2

In the end I did 92.23 km, but it did not always seem like it would happen. I headed out on the DHBC Saturday slows, but only did two laps and then stopped for coffee. At the most I would have done three laps, I have been able to do 5. After this I was disappointed that Mick Mazza had not kept any bike boxes for me.

Then I headed up the cooks river trail. Another 20km. At Homebush I had lunch. I was wanting to ride home, but I continued at least to the river. On the way I ride past and watched some archery before coming to a gate I had not seen open before this lead into the Newington Armoury. I stopped to watch the live feed of the sea eagles and rode to the top of one of the toxic waste knolls. From there I could see that they had reopened a bit of the bike track on the other side of the river. So I headed over there I then headed back throughout rhodes and the cooks river trail. I sped along the trail as the sun was setting. But still it was dark by the time I returned home. As my headlight had been stolen I was riding by the left over light from other parts of the city.

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