Brian Yap, a newcomer who has never…

brian yap

brian yap

Wow! And with a photo of the other Brian Yap.

Professional review: Brian Yap, a newcomer who has never done a single acting in his life (a motorbike ad when you were 12 doesn’t count, ok?) rises to the challenge, playing a grumpy, depressed, tight-arse to a T. And just when you think he’s not about to let you see the sunshine surrounding him, he suddenly switches on a goofy yet sensitive side that makes you go, “Eh, this dude can act. Not bad, ah?” Amani goes a little mellow here compared to her boyishness (forget the shave) in Sepet, and Aleysha is like the little kid you need to protect from the big, bad world. And it’s good to see the family chemistry the sisters have off screen transfered on screen too.

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