112SQN. Determined to Deliver.


Brian Yap

112SQN. Determined to Deliver.

HK Ng oh, CPC Yap in action again………36 minutes ago

Brian Yap Ya man….. 2 weeks somemore12 minutes ago ·

Alan Khoo I think this is really call wasting taxpayers money!2 hours ago · Like

HK Ng don’t worry. you can get your domestic worker to carry your fieldpack and maybe SBO+Rifle2 hours ago · Like

Brian Yap Haha. Ya. She is following me around camp. Have to indent lunch for her too.2 hours ago · Like

Dennis Lim but he wears PT kit in camp in the first place

Loh Woon Liang u shld ask to do an attachment to our unit7 hours ago · Like

Alan Khoo Are maids allowed in yr unit? Can I bring mine when I go for ICT? In any case, I don’t think Brian (as do I) would want to go there as it entails going for morning runs at 730!!!


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