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A problem with the theme

My normal theme seems to be broken. So I have put it back to the default one for now. I’ll get the latest update of my normal theme soon and go back to normal viewing.

4 comments to A problem with the theme

  • well we are back again though for some reason google ads has forgotten me and I need to get that going agin too. But they have changed it. I have submitted my request. It’s being processed. I have no idea how long that takes so for now it is wait and see.

  • hihihi, dropping by^^

  • I’ve installed the new theme, but now my google ads are not displaying. I have not worked out why yet. it looks good in the page source code. They do talk about needing to recrawl the site. But I would have thought that would have happened by now. The ads are still appearing on my other pages…

  • well in the end I had to roll back to the older version of the theme I was using. I’m not sure why the ads were not showing in 3.6.7. Anyway all seems to be good again.

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