Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-29

  • Met a man who is convinced that Patterson's Curse will ruin them all, but is unaware that in other parts it is called Salvation Jane. #
  • Annoyed at stupid state based car insurance laws. #
  • #crytime #
  • #sleeptime #
  • Krysta swimming not splashing 🙂 #
  • Is in a mobile phone use prohibited zone. #
  • A band of rain stretching from Geelong to the Murray, I guess the first half of the trip will be wet. #
  • is thinking that the iPhone facebook is the most unstable app on the phone. #
  • @xenijardin @mpesce Mine is hopefully lost somewhere in my filing cabinet… 😛 #
  • For some reason my phone is not taking to my wifi, but my computer is. Will need to look into it in the morrow. #
  • GT3 and street sweeper on Bourke street cycleway. Street sweeper had to stop and withdraw brushes to let me past. #
  • @dog on tucker box #
  • @xssat which system do you use? #
  • Ex-China Mobile exec sentenced to death | Telecom Asia via @TelecomAsia #
  • @Warlach the tune is from: Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman, twinkle is from 1806 and the alphabet song from 1835. (first published dates) #
  • The tourist road needs a roundabout on every blind corner. #
  • On a sunny winter's morn' the the remotes don't work for the first few hours of the day. #
  • @asphotos lol, but it is probably more reliable than writing a note on the fridge. #
  • Salty Dog #
  • @jjprojects @the9billion …unless if you live in a very cold place then you should paint them black. #
  • Making knowledge free: ANU launches open access research database via @ConversationEDU #
  • @jjprojects if you are in the snow you'd want black because it absorbs that heat. #
  • Step 1, buy the upgraded version of parallels, then buy the lion upgrade :-/ #
  • @j_a_h_2077 I had been avoiding upgrading parallels. Backing up with time machine before loading lion. Last upgrade for this old computer. #
  • blue skys over marrickville, black skies over paddington… #
  • Flowers at the National Park Visitors Center #
  • @asphotos depends on the size of your room #
  • the sunscreen smokescreen: #
  • Some fudges work better than others. #
  • Pulled three through & buried two #bookofgwyderchapter20verse2 #
  • Cockies in a tree #
  • @silvrlily @monkeypushtree Ride along and sell coffee to other riders on their way to and from work or school…. #
  • They should have already sorted this IPV6 at Home issue out #
  • Geoffrey West: The surprising math of cities and corporations #
  • Asteroid 2010 TK7 is confirmed as the first Earth trojan asteroid discovered. #
  • Krysta @ Deepwater #
  • Virtual Grocery Shopping (via @TechnologyReview) #
  • #stressed #

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