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Part of my brain works in Chinese. I have two Chinese centres. One from my school years onwards where I can speak Chinese by working at it from English. The other is from my childhood. I know a mixture of dialects and I cannot translate it into English without a dictionary. The page if for the latter. Sometimes things just pop into my head, words, sayings, phrases. This is my record of those phrases. Though it is a little difficult as I only have a mandarin dictionary and my ability to write directly into Romanisation is poor. If you have a better interpretation, please let me know.

  • 是不服極樂埋 shr bu Fu ji Le mai (actually I started off with ji le mai and then wanted more and ended up with this.)
  • Ting Le Bo 聽了鵓
  • Ta Feng GAO ji    他讽高级
  • qui bu qui yi gai le: 確不確 一概了
  • ren kuo hen ding: 人口很頂
  • tai feng gao li mei: 抬丰誥哩媄 (today when a girl in a very fancy outfit got off a bus)