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List 03


  • Angry man: [you said] he likes this! Holy shit!
  • Man: they said it was a personality problem
  • Man: oh shit they tried to enforce it
  • Woman: they said he went to Vietnam.
  • Man: it was maple syrup
  • Man: you can’t, it’s already public
  • Man: yes it was $6,000
  • Man: it was a complete mismatch.
  • Man: oh no, it’s a typo!
  • Woman: they said he is a pervert.
  • Man: they are going to explain why they said he wanted that.
  • Man: oh no, they stole that.
  • Man: oh no they thought he meant the Children’s hospital.
  • Incredulous man: they did this based on the volume of data?
  • Man: They have to admit that they are guilty.