Photo Monday – 2012 February 27 – New Years Eve 2011

An iPhone 4 case form the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney seen over in intervening hill. You can purchase the iPhone 4 case by clicking on the image.

Marrickville Festival 2011

I headed off to meet the Bike Marrickville Crew at the Marrickville Road Festival run by the council. We had our own stall. I did the morning shift from start to around lunch time. Then I wandered around the festival before returning home. More photos.

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Video Sunday – 2011 October 16 – Sydney Tweed Ride 2011

My Census Infographic

The Link.

Eurovision 2011 in Reprise

I now have the CD. So this is the new list with all the songs, not just those in the final. Also, it is my view of the songs without the video feed. There are three sets. On the Ipod the first set get 5 stars, the second 4 stars and the third three stars. . . . → Read More: Eurovision 2011 in Reprise

Eurovision 2011 according to 葉文意

Well the Eurovision Song Contest for 2011 is complete. Well, it will be when I have finished this post. This is the scoring as I see it. I have voted as if I am a country. I mean, of course there are the official winners, and I am very happy for them and . . . → Read More: Eurovision 2011 according to 葉文意

Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival

After returning the DVD to the library and learning how to put it in the chute (Well I got the rest in, but there was trick with this DVD.), I wandered back to the Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival where a drum band was playing good music outside.

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Photo Mondays – 2011 April 18

An image I took at Shanghai Station appeared on several sites in Japan. First it seems to have appeared on a news site, with a proper link and everything, (I love the honesty of the Japanese, it is so refreshing.) and then it seems it appeared on a few other sites just as . . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2011 April 18

NSW State Election 2011

I headed off to the NSW state election 2011 and voted at the Marrickville Town Hall. The greens were very confident of winning the seat, but in the end they missed out. Unfortunately, I did not know one of my friend’s party was on the list, or I would have given them my . . . → Read More: NSW State Election 2011