The dogs

Since we have moved in we had had a series of problems with the dogs. Mostly the big dogs. We had a dog run built. But there was a long shake down period as the dogs escaped from various places and we worked out where the places were and patched them. Mostly they . . . → Read More: The dogs

Near crash

Driving back from Marrickville metro, with Angelika and Milla. Turning right from Sidmore into Edinburgh. Nearly collided with a car that ran the red light. The driver stopped a little down the road and looked very pale.

Two Car Crashes

An unusual morning, two car crashes. The second one more significant. I do not know if any one was hurt.

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a place to cross

I nearly ran over a J-walking pedestrian today. He came out between the parked cars where it was illegal to do so, not watching where he was going. Luckily he turned around in time and was shocked. I is not surprising 100’s die each year by getting themselves . . . → Read More: pedestrians

DHBC – Saturday Slowies


accident scene

Did another bike ride with the Saturday Slowies. This time I kept up better with the riders, but still falling behind on the hills. Also we are nearing the shortest day of the year. It is getting darker at 6AM in the morning. I was going to do . . . → Read More: DHBC – Saturday Slowies

Lucky to be alive

chainring transit authority


I was reminded of the sign on a bus and the hostile discussion it generated. One of my friends who rides a bike had a near miss when a woman opened a door on a taxi and knocked him off his bike.

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I had a small prang on the bike. . . . → Read More: Crash!

The tragic Death of Charlotte Erby, nee Clarke

This is the other tragic death in the story of two tragic deaths, both for her and for her husband.

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Local Intelligence. (1853, April 7). Colonial Times (Hobart, . . . → Read More: The tragic Death of Charlotte Erby, nee Clarke