coloured police cars

One of my photos taken during the stupidity of the last APEC summit created quite a stream of comments. Here are some of them, with my crazy suggestion at the end.

c.j.b says: The ‘Purple Cops’ are the State Protection Group? …you’re lucky they didn’t shoot you in the face for just looking at . . . → Read More: coloured police cars

APEC fences

Well a lot has been made of the APEC fences. But now that I have been into town and seen them for myself I can clearly say that the fences are erected to protect those using the roads from those on the footpaths. Very strange. They are there to protect the leaders from the public . . . → Read More: APEC fences

Should we hate apec, the government and the police?

Perhaps if they behave like idiots we should or else Australia will become a police state.

Just heard that J had his camera and film confiscated by the cops this morning when spotted taking a picture near the base of the “wall”. My understanding is that he wasn’t even taking a shot of the wall . . . → Read More: Should we hate apec, the government and the police?