Stuck in Carnegie

I drove to Carnegie as I was expecting to pick Brutus up from the vet. But in the end that wasn’t necessary.

When I tried to drive home? the battery finally died. The RACV could not even jump start it. After replacing the battery everything was fine. Though . . . → Read More: Stuck in Carnegie

Links 2009-11-12


Scientists grew a rabbit penis. How long before they are selling penis add ons, I mean there must be lots of people who want two to three, right?

. . . → Read More: Links 2009-11-12

the camera was not dead


I put the battery in the camera a few weeks ago and nothing happened. No power nothing. After some asking around I replaced the back up battery, still no luck. I had misplaced my second battery when packing for Cycle Queensland. After some hunting, I found the place where I had . . . → Read More: the camera was not dead

30d and Don Don

Sydney Buses

Murrarys Bus

I went into town becuase the EOS30D is not working. When I got there they tested the camera and determined that the problem is with the battery. I though it is strange that both batteries died at the same time. So I suspect the charger. Still I . . . → Read More: 30d and Don Don