Kallista Kinda BBQ

Kirsten put me down for a session 13:00 to 15:00 at the Bayswater Bunnings for the Kallista Kindergarten BBQ fundraiser.

Luckily she noticed I was trying to go on Saturday rather than Sunday.

I arrived a little late as Krysta decided to come just as I was about to . . . → Read More: Kallista Kinda BBQ

BBQ At One Tree Hill

For lunch we headed off to One Tree Hill for a BBQ. We were there quite late, but still all (two) the BBQ’s were taken. So we had to wait half an hour. Kirsten took the kids off for a walk. I waited to claim the BBQ and start cooking the food. The . . . → Read More: BBQ At One Tree Hill

Le Grand Chef – 식색

I went for a walk down Illawarra road as the place I normally go for food was full. I did not get far before I discovered this Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant called Le Grand Chef. The food was good. I had the Kimchi Soup, with Pork. It was a soup, kimchi, with mushrooms, bean curd . . . → Read More: Le Grand Chef – 식색