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Reconnoitring Point Nepean

Being from the unfashionable western suburbs I had never been to remote locations like Point Nepean. The opportunity to head down there with the older girls, who I managed to convince it was a good idea as it was an opportunity to be taken up.

Sadly we had quite a late . . . → Read More: Reconnoitring Point Nepean

Altona Beach and Pier

We went to Altona for a birthday party. With the grandparents we went with the kids down to the beach. At first it was quite warm for a midwinter’s day though later as the cloud came over it was quite cold.

The kids were very good and only went a little into the water . . . → Read More: Altona Beach and Pier

Photo Mondays – 2011 March 28

An image of Busan uploaded to Getty Images. I had gone for a walk along the coast and was heading back. Down at the beach in this photo were the pavillions of the opening day of the Busan International Film Festival. Behind I had recenlty spoken with a Korean Man who had spent . . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2011 March 28

Walking to Cape Byron

Last time I was in Byron Bay I decided to go up to the lighthouse for the first time in my life. However, when I got there, the winds were gale force and I did not date venture past the lighthouse to Cape Byron itself. This time I intended to rectify this situation. . . . → Read More: Walking to Cape Byron

Swimming at Main Beach in Byron Bay

I did something I rarely do and should do more often. I went down to the beach for a swim. I did not really swim and there were too few waves to body surf, so really I just stood in the water and got cold. But still it was an interesting and novel . . . → Read More: Swimming at Main Beach in Byron Bay

Walking to the Pass

After dinner we went down to the beach and went for a walk to The Pass as the sun set.

. . . → Read More: Walking to the Pass

triple replay

this is an unusual one, it was short, but it repeated three times. each time it was a little different and went for longer.

I am on a beach with another person. A missile (looks a bit like an A2, but way too small) comes in it flies on a very flat trajectory.

I am . . . → Read More: triple replay

Maroubra Beach Photo Shoot

My third photo shoot. For the first time I was starting to be in some control of the situation and started to have some idea of the roles of the various people. It was a good experience. This time we were at Maroubra beach. We had three models, with two photographers per model. I worked . . . → Read More: Maroubra Beach Photo Shoot