Bicycle Film Festival Street Fair Valet Parking

I went, as I often do, to help out with the valet parking. This time was at the Street Fair of the Bicycle Film Festival of 2010. The day was wonderful. Though the Bourke Street cycleway still incomplete.

There were stalls…

There was an art wall and chalk…

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BFF Party, Polo and Parking


Quite a day really. I started off by going to the picnic bbq in Alexandria. I had not paid enough attention before and did not take any meat. I think in one place it said to but in the other it did not. Anyway, I got to see some bicycle polo, . . . → Read More: BFF Party, Polo and Parking

BFF street party

DH Bottle

In the morning I headed down the Saturday Slowies to meed Nada and to pick up some of the new water bottles. I have leant the Giant to Nada. Hopefully she has it going by now. The water bottles have no press in lid. They had a one way valve. . . . → Read More: BFF street party

Valet Parking

packing up


I did a stint assisting at the Bicycle Film Festival as a Valet Parking Assistant. It was a strangely relaxing night. I was not too cold. We mostly sat around and chatted. As I was on the second shift people mostly left. At the end we packed everything . . . → Read More: Valet Parking