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Strange Bike Parking

A day or two earlier the bike was parked here. I guess someone else moved so it was at this strange angle. It stayed that way for a few days before is disappeared.

Bicycle Bits

Here are some interesting, if probably not very practical or legal bicycle bits. They all show innovative design and I do want to make my own dynamo one day like this one. But first a flat folding helmet. I’m sure with the right materials you should be able to make it into a . . . → Read More: Bicycle Bits

Lucky to be alive

chainring transit authority


I was reminded of the sign on a bus and the hostile discussion it generated. One of my friends who rides a bike had a near miss when a woman opened a door on a taxi and knocked him off his bike.

. . . → Read More: Lucky to be alive


I had a small prang on the bike. . . . → Read More: Crash!