Video Sunday – 2012 January 1 – Bike Sydney Cargo Bike Ride 2011-12-04

A video if the ride from Centennial Park Via Redfern to Sydney Park. At the end there were lots of cargo bikes. Unfortunately the weather was unkind and it rained a little.

Cargo Bike Ride

I went on the Cargo Bike Ride with Bike Sydney. The weather was not kind, but we had a good turnout. Lots of interesting bikes and I got to ride a cargo delta trike with unusual steering that worked well to give a small turning circle. We started in Centennial Park, rode along . . . → Read More: Cargo Bike Ride

Brunch ride does an Italian job

Courtesy of Bike Sydney we did a Brunch Ride for Italian Food,. We met at the Hub in Newtown.

We did manage to follow somewhat of a tortuous trail to get there going through Glebe, mostly because we were early and had time to kill.

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I was running late, but still stopped at the Bicycle Sydney stand at the weekly market in Darlinghurst, though Bicycle Sydney only go there once a month. Met Elaine, who I guess I have met before, but I have a bit of a terrible memory for names. So no offence meant. They had . . . → Read More: Darlinghurst

A night of advocacy

Well, actually it was to learn about it and, more so, where it is at. There were a series of much to short (time wise) presentations that were full of interesting and useful information in the new Surry Hills community centre. Alas, I forgot to pick up an electronic copy of the slides. . . . → Read More: A night of advocacy

Art Ride

I did not say it, but I thought last week’s art ride should have been part of the WNBR ride, but alas, it was not. This week I did the bike ride around Waterloo and Alexandria, ending in Newtown. The rides are held by Bike Sydney and are part of Art Month Sydney.

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Bike Sydney Green Ring Ride


The day got off to a bad start. I put the battery back in the 30D and it would not start. I then checked to see if the battery was charged, but the charger thought that it was charged. I had lost my spare in packing for the CQ event, but . . . → Read More: Bike Sydney Green Ring Ride

Twilight Ride

in the forest

bike ride

I went on the Bike Sydney Twilight Ride. We were to ride around Glebe, but as Art And About 2009 had just started, with street installations, we went and saw that instead. In the end we still did a shortened ride of Glebe.

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world environment day

Flat #3

This morning I headed off into the city for World Environment Day. But on the way I had yet another flat tyre. This time on the glass strewn Darley Road in Erskineville. A local offered some help. He had a pencil and a pencil sharpener. But as he noted I . . . → Read More: world environment day