Dream Tuesdays – a baby boy

I am in a whitish grey space, an unnoticed observer.

A woman has a newly born child. There are many people like her around, quite excited. They chatter their excitement for some time.

The child comes into view. It is a totally stone grey, wrinkly, hairless,skinned, humanoid.

Dream – The Submarine

Couple very much in love and a son. All working for agency. Submarine is sunk. Wife on it. Husband investigates. Son kills him. Or does he. He disappears. No body. People trying to find husband. Giant 3 meter high cake.

Underwater array of sensors. Sub goes over it. Not detected. Followed . . . → Read More: Dream – The Submarine


Apparently some stupid noggin thought that this statue of a boy should be wearing speedo’s, but the offending clothing has been removed. Yay!

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