Apricot and Kaya Jam

My current toast style breakfast, on non working in town days is Sally’s Organic Apricot Jam and Kaya Jam. I am still disappointed that you cannot buy Kaya Jam in Australian supermarkets. Because Kaya is my favourite.

Breakfast at the Shed

The next morning a smaller number of us gathered back at the Narooma Sports and Game Fishing Club for breakfast. A simple affair of Bacon, Eggs, Toast and some baked potato from the night before that had been grilled to warm it up.

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Breakfast in the old town

I headed with my cousin Victor and Tan Phaik Har,down to the old town for breakfast. I insisted on a small easy breakfast and that is what we had. It was very good.

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Family Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum

We were all a but tired from the family dinner the night before, but the hardy ones headed out to the Family Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum for a morning of Dim Sum. Now this is a much better time to be eating it and we had quite a spread of dishes. . . . → Read More: Family Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum

Old Town White Coffee

Well, on the last morning in Ipoh we had breakfast at the fast food chain, Old Town White Coffee. I though the breakfast was quite good. Though later my relatives would express their displeasure at this chain as it is owned and operated out of KL. Certainly it a Malaysian version of a . . . → Read More: Old Town White Coffee

Breakfast at Uncle Chow

Well, I am suspicious. We followed a sign down a side street away from the main shopping centre, then into another little set of houses and found a coffee shop tucked away way down here. They said there had been a sign up on the main road. But I would go so far . . . → Read More: Breakfast at Uncle Chow

Nasi Lemak @ Uncle Johns

One of the astounding differences that exists between the people of Sydney (and strangely including the police) but not the people of Melbourne and the Malaysian Chinese is that the latter think that uncle and aunty is a honorific given to important people in relation to your family as well as people who . . . → Read More: Nasi Lemak @ Uncle Johns

Paddington Grind

Salmon and Poached Eggs

Well I used to have breakfast in Paddington a fair bit, but after I purchased the house I needed to cut back on my expenditure and also I needed to loose some weight. But now I am riding. I had to be in at work at 7:30 AM . . . → Read More: Paddington Grind

breakfast and sex


I first came across this when I lived in Redfern in 2001-2002, but it has been the topic of some discussion recently. Some people, a significant number it seems, in Sydney, believe that if you have breakfast with someone, say in a cafe, then you must have had sex with them. . . . → Read More: breakfast and sex