Photo Mondays – 2011 April 11

An image of Jeongdongjin uploaded to Getty Images. I went to Jeongdongjin to stay the night. Just a little up the railway line is an old North Korean Submarine and I intended to see it. I had a nice dinner and a good time wandering around the massive boats they have built up . . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2011 April 11

Abercrombie River

I crossed the Abercrombie River. This river plays a part in many of the parts of my family’s history in NSW. So I always feel a bit like it is home.

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A morning in Mullumbimby

We headed inland to do a rain forest walk that turned out to be all of 300 meter long and consist of many plants about 1 foot high. I think that the walk has some growing to do before it becomes like real rain forest. I also turned down an offer to walk . . . → Read More: A morning in Mullumbimby

throwing stones

NSW has a problem with people throwing stones which does not exist in other state. What is wrong with these people? The problem is so great that the state government thinks that it is necessary to put up fences over the freeways. I am not sure how this helps as a stone thrower . . . → Read More: throwing stones

H Turn had been dead since 1981.

This is one of the oddest dreams I have had. It occurred tonight. In fact I got up to write it down. The dream is very disjointed, especially towards the end.

I am on a train. The train for some reason is the last one. Later I am on the train tack in a dry . . . → Read More: H Turn had been dead since 1981.

Gas works bridge


steep climb

by ebroh

The Gas Works Bridge over the Parramatta River has been popping up in my life a few times recently. The main bike track to Parramatta on the north side of the river goes over it. Hence I had to avoid it on the GT3 as . . . → Read More: Gas works bridge