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My normal theme seems to be broken. So I have put it back to the default one for now. I’ll get the latest update of my normal theme soon and go back to normal viewing.

Anggur hitam

In the afternoon Simon and I went into the nearby Ipoh parade shopping centre. I did a bit of banking and bought some salt and tissues. I’m sure I’ve never purchased that combination before.

My plans for the family gathering are looking good. I am happy with the progress so . . . → Read More: Anggur hitam

Broken Swinggrip

I was riding around centennial park this morning and the swing grip bar I use broke due to metal fatigue. It was a bit of a shock at the time. Luckily I had hooked up the new light last night. This meant that the power cable from the light caught the unit, otherwise . . . → Read More: Broken Swinggrip

30d and Don Don

Sydney Buses

Murrarys Bus

I went into town becuase the EOS30D is not working. When I got there they tested the camera and determined that the problem is with the battery. I though it is strange that both batteries died at the same time. So I suspect the charger. Still I . . . → Read More: 30d and Don Don

ruined control room

This is a dream that seems to relate to an ongoing story line. There is a very old part, perhaps stating as early as 1980. Then it stopped for a long time. Though occasionally in dreams I remembered it or just went there to visit. Later, in the early part of the 2000’s it . . . → Read More: ruined control room

A Big Leaver

I am in an empty space. A black void. There is a leaver. It has a handle of faded red and a pivot connected to something that is the same featureless grey as the space. I pull the handle on the leaver. It is a bit stuck. I pull harder. The handle . . . → Read More: A Big Leaver