Sometimes the not in service bus stops to go to the bakery to get some food and drink.

Visiting South Bank

We headed into South to visit Kirsten’s half-brother, Damien. We caught the very expensive bus. 5 zones for $21 for me and three concession tickets each way. It is cheaper if you have a pass, but as interstate visitors a pass was not really a good option. On the bus we amused the . . . → Read More: Visiting South Bank

A long way to go nowhere

I headed out early to drive to Brisbane and meet Kirsten there. I had fish and chips for Brunch and was just past Port Macquarie when Kirsten finally got through to me as I had forgotten to take the phone back of silent mode.

It turned out that . . . → Read More: A long way to go nowhere

Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 29

Kalorama to Melbourne Airport Travel Options

There are 4 ways that I can see to get from Five Ways in Kalorama to the airport when using public transport. They vary from the very quick and expensive to the very slow and cheap and the journey gets cheaper the longer it takes. . . . → Read More: Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 29

The Preride Preparation

Having left the caravan park, I wandered over the bridge to the city. I had decided that the bus stop I had used the day before was not official and that going the main city centre bus stop was the best idea to get the Young’s bus to Yeppoon. On the way I . . . → Read More: The Preride Preparation

A strange afternoon

First the bus stopped after a sideswiping a car which did almost no damage. The bus driver just got off the bus and lit up a cigarette when the woman would not just swap numbers and let it be. I waited like, 15 minutes, other buses went past. So I got off. I . . . → Read More: A strange afternoon

Jerantut to Kuala Tahan via Kuala Tembling

I had wanted to get of the train at Kuala Tembling, but that was one station the train did not stop. I do not know why. So I had arrived by train in Jerantut. The NKS were very organised. I was now in a different world. No longer a world of locals travelling. . . . → Read More: Jerantut to Kuala Tahan via Kuala Tembling

Overnight in Gua Musang

I had decided that the best way to catch the jungle train in the day time was to use the local train from Gua Musang to Jerantut. So I arrived in Gua Musang by bus form Kota Bharu. I arrived a bit after midday. I wanted to get off the bus when we . . . → Read More: Overnight in Gua Musang

The bus from the LCCT to the KL Sentral

After arriving we caught the bus (only 9 ringit, well we used the expensive one) from the low cost carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport to KL Sentral. There is motorway most of the way. There was a problem loading the bus which took me a while to fathom. When the bus . . . → Read More: The bus from the LCCT to the KL Sentral

Multi Faceted

this dream I think may have occurred over several parts. In the end I chose to end it by waking up. The bus trip featured several people I know in Paddington.

On a intercity bus to a destination. The first night is an intermediate stop. Get off. Have to . . . → Read More: Multi Faceted