Mount Morgan to Biloela by bus

it rained all night. I got up at about 4 or 5 AM to go to the toilet. There were people up and about. One camper near me was going up the hill as his tent was leaking, it had been wet from the night before and he needed to go into some . . . → Read More: Mount Morgan to Biloela by bus

A bus trip from Kota Barhu to Gua Musang

I caught the bus from Kota Bharu to Gua Musang. The trip was quite uneventful. I got up in the morning, lateish. Wandered the 100m or so down to the bus terminal after checking out. Waited around for quite a while until the bus arrived. While I was waiting an old man, who . . . → Read More: A bus trip from Kota Barhu to Gua Musang

Butterworth to Kota Bharu

Finally I headed off on my own. Having walked to the bus stop, I waited at the terminal. I was a bit concerned to see if I had a real and valid ticket, but in the end all was ok. The touts at the terminal did a good job of running things and . . . → Read More: Butterworth to Kota Bharu

CQ09 Getting there

Sydney Airport

Waiting in Brisbane

I walked down to Sydenham station and caught the train to the domestic airport. Luckily it did not rain on me. The train was two stops to Wollli Creek and then two stops to Domestic Airport. About 5 km for the glorious price of $14.60. At . . . → Read More: CQ09 Getting there