2009-10-31 Links

Links for this week on Computers, Culture, Cycling, Photography and Telecommunications.

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30d and Don Don

Sydney Buses

Murrarys Bus

I went into town becuase the EOS30D is not working. When I got there they tested the camera and determined that the problem is with the battery. I though it is strange that both batteries died at the same time. So I suspect the charger. Still I . . . → Read More: 30d and Don Don

the camera on the new phone

I am learning to use the phone on the new camera. Certainly the iPhone 3gs camera is a step down from the N95 camera. So I have been taking lots of photos to get an idea of what it will and will not do.

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A terrible place for children

I used to do a bit of geocaching. When doing this, I’d take my camera around and take photos of the places we cached. Often the caches were in somewhere interesting to make the caching more interesting. But there was a down side. People, particularly in the hills district are fearful of people with cameras. . . . → Read More: A terrible place for children

traffic problems

People in Sydney are perhaps rightfully concerned with traffic problems.

1. One man, in Paddington, was very concerned with traffic in Parramatta. 2. Another man, in Penrith, was concerned and wanted to put up cameras in high traffic areas.

Living in a prison

A long time ago people, in Melbourne talked of living within glass walls. To give the impression of having freedom, while not having that much freedom. The Melbourne I remember as a child was one of high brick walls topped with barbed wire. But most of these walls have been pulled down. This . . . → Read More: Living in a prison