Renaissance Festival 2014

We had this on again off again start to going to the Renaissance Festival. We spoke with others who recommended it, but turned out not to have actually been to one. In the end we decided to go.

Sadly on Friday morning it was raining. I finished fixing the tent after . . . → Read More: Renaissance Festival 2014

Camping in Warburton – Day 3

Well, we spent one more night in Warburton camping. In the morning we packed up and headed out. Luckily the nice camp ground people has said we did not need to be out before 10AM, because we did not stand a chance in hell of packing up before midday. I lament at how . . . → Read More: Camping in Warburton – Day 3

Warburton Day 1

Well we were quite late in getting away. We had to check in before 5 PM and we got there after 4:30 even though it was only 1 1/2 hours down the road. Having done that we could relax, set up the camp, let the dogs out and rest. Kirsten headed back up . . . → Read More: Warburton Day 1

Bunnies, Eggs, Family and Camping

It was a long and complicated day. I was very lethargic when I started. Kirsten got up at 5 AM to do the eggs and bunny prints. The kids were very excited by the whole arrangement. Krysta was just happy to believe it, though Milla saw through the deception as we had used . . . → Read More: Bunnies, Eggs, Family and Camping

Camping in Holbrook

Well, I never would have thought I’d see the day that I was camping on Holbrook. Really of all places! But camp in Holbrook was what we did. It kept us together for another day, which suited everyone. Kirsten headed off via the Blue Mountains. I left with Krysta and Milla a little . . . → Read More: Camping in Holbrook

The Preride Preparation

Having left the caravan park, I wandered over the bridge to the city. I had decided that the bus stop I had used the day before was not official and that going the main city centre bus stop was the best idea to get the Young’s bus to Yeppoon. On the way I . . . → Read More: The Preride Preparation

Overnight in Rockhampton

The bus from the airport dropped me off at what I now consider and “unofficial” bus stop which was as close as he went to the riverside caravan park. Here they again confirmed that they had no cabins or vans. So I booked an unpowered camping site. I headed down to the sites . . . → Read More: Overnight in Rockhampton

National Folk Festival 2009 – Getting there

My trip from Marrickville to Mitchell in the ACT by bicycle and bus. . . . → Read More: National Folk Festival 2009 – Getting there

a dry place

This dream was again very disjointed. Perhaps I go back to sleep during parts of them. It occurred a few nights ago.

I am sitting with some other people who I know, but the dream is non-specific as to who they actually are. There is dry grass, like you get during summer time. The land . . . → Read More: a dry place

National Folk Festival

I went to the NFF with Kate, Wing and Morgan. It was the first festival I have been to in a long time and camped and it was a great break. I will add some reviews to my lost on the internet site of the CDs I have purchase, though I have a few more . . . → Read More: National Folk Festival