Elsie Marley’s Mates – Wheeze and Suck Band

The Wheeze and Suck Band is an Australian band, playing a mix of folk music styles. I only saw them briefly at the festival, but it was enough to want to purchase a CD.

Elsie Marie is a simply arranged dance tune that brings back such memories of listening to folk music in Melbourne in . . . → Read More: Elsie Marley’s Mates – Wheeze and Suck Band

Katie Rowe – the Simplest of Things

On one of the occasions, when I was on my own, I wandered into the second half of Katie’s performance at the Troubadour. This performance was my first pleasant surprise of the National Folk Festival and luckily I arrived just as Katie was about to sing Fred the Dog. Katie Rowe is an excellent song . . . → Read More: Katie Rowe – the Simplest of Things

The Rainmakers

Well, Visiting the National Folk Festival, of course I purchased some CDs. The Rainmakers (otherwise knows as the rigby thomson family band, being Jane Thompson, James, Maggie, Elsie and Naomi Rigby) was one of the best surprises of the festival. Kate knew them and insisted we all go and watch. Very clever and complex harmonies. . . . → Read More: The Rainmakers

CD’s made by people with my name…

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空中结缘 :妙法莲花经简介(1 – 4){4 CDs}

Air become attached: Introduction by Miu Fat Lotus (1 – 4) () 4 CDs