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Video Sunday – 2012 January 1 – Bike Sydney Cargo Bike Ride 2011-12-04

A video if the ride from Centennial Park Via Redfern to Sydney Park. At the end there were lots of cargo bikes. Unfortunately the weather was unkind and it rained a little.

In Search of Swans

Kirsten had a migrane, so we stayed in Sydney for the day, as she was not really up for travel. To help her rest, I took the kids out to Centennial Park in the hope that we might see the swans and signets. I had not been there for some time, so I . . . → Read More: In Search of Swans

Centennial Park

Well I rode with the Saturday slowies. Though it turned out I was not as much over my cold as I had thought. I only did two laps of Centennial Park and I was totally exhausted when I returned to Marrickville. I went to go to the cafe, but it was closed. It . . . → Read More: Centennial Park

Budgy Smugglers on the Slowies Ride

budgy smugglers

My intention was to take a video of a lap of Centennial Park. But on arriving at Maccas bike shop, I found that GI and co were in Budgy Smugglers. I mean, Gi had told me that they were going to do a budgy smuggler ride this weekend. But I . . . → Read More: Budgy Smugglers on the Slowies Ride

Saturday Slowies





Well, for the first time in a few weeks I went on the Saturday Slowies. I have been suffering from a cold the last few weeks. The weather was lightly overcast. The start in the dark. The pace, fast. I don’t know, sometimes, the pace . . . → Read More: Saturday Slowies

slowies ride

Today I went on the slowies bike ride with the Dulwich hill bicycle club. We started at Macs Bicycle shop on Marrickville road at 6:30 AM and rode to Centennial Park. Unfortunately I forgot to turn on the GPS so I only have the return trip. The others spent time riding around the park for . . . → Read More: slowies ride