New Bike Bits

Well I went on a bit of a spending frenzy this week. One thing is still in the post and a couple are on the bike already.

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Breaking the chain

I was headed to work. Coming around a corner under the road bridge at St Peters there was a metallic noise followed by the sound of my chain unspooling from the cogs. I thought, oh no. So I stopped, looked down and saw my chain sitting on the ground. A quick investigation showed . . . → Read More: Breaking the chain

adjusting the chain wheel

chain wheel

On the bents and folders ride, I got a sore knee. One of the other bent riders, who I road back along the Cooks River Cycleway with, suggested that my pedals were too far away. So I thought I should adjust them. When I rode to work this morning, my . . . → Read More: adjusting the chain wheel

PMA, Storms, stiff links and ignorance

I started the day heading into town on the GT3. I have been having trouble with the gears sometimes. I took it in to the Clarence Street Cyclery and then headed off to do some shopping and get lunch. The gears had a clunking noise when I was in the top gear. I . . . → Read More: PMA, Storms, stiff links and ignorance

Winch room at the top

This one occured from about the time I arrived in Sydney in it’s current form. Though the emtpy room existed for some time before.

I am in the top of a dome shaped room looking down. Two people, possibly male stand and look at a device. It is like a winch, with wooden handles and . . . → Read More: Winch room at the top