Today’s train saga

Arrive on time at parliament station. As I do so, the announcement states that the next train will be the Alamein and the Glen Waverley has been cancelled. Look at the departures board. The next train is my Lilydale train. Suspect – things are stuffed up.

Departure board keeps resetting, but the trains do . . . → Read More: Today’s train saga

Video Sunday – 2011 November 6 – People Fear Change

By Stilgherrian

Tweeting your way out of Paranoia from Stilgherrian on Vimeo.

for progress there has to be change

This dream occurred last night. Again it was very vivid, in colour and disjointed. I do not remember most of the imagery. Here are the key bits I remembered:

I am standing beside my car. A certain person (不噁林大客流量一) is putting luggage in the blue bags people use to save plastic bags, into the back . . . → Read More: for progress there has to be change

of Australians and Americans



One of the things that I have always found interesting is the fundamental differences in approach of Australians when compared to that of Americans. Of course these are dangerous generalisations. But on the whole they hold true of the people I have met. It is mostly true of the . . . → Read More: of Australians and Americans

A Dream Pesant farmers and cultural change

A dream from Bordeaux, France, 1999.

I am on a long narrow parcel of land. At first I think it is someone’s arm. But as I get closer it is cylindrical, but there are houses and farms on it. There is a dirt road meandering along this. Peasant farmers live in . . . → Read More: A Dream Pesant farmers and cultural change