How to tell a weed from a plant

Last year we took a trailer full of holly and ivy down to a weed collection day. I said that to the people there that my problem was that my knowledge of plants was very poor and apart from the headline weeds I did not know which was a weed and which wasn’t. . . . → Read More: How to tell a weed from a plant

Multi Faceted

this dream I think may have occurred over several parts. In the end I chose to end it by waking up. The bus trip featured several people I know in Paddington.

On a intercity bus to a destination. The first night is an intermediate stop. Get off. Have to . . . → Read More: Multi Faceted

Cisco QOS training

I did my first ever Cisco training, a five day course squeezed into three on Cisco QOS. This was not enough time. Sadly Matthew thinks that all courses are given too much time and thinks you can do the work of 5 days in 3. It needed at least 4 days. But I learned a . . . → Read More: Cisco QOS training