Two Car Crashes

An unusual morning, two car crashes. The second one more significant. I do not know if any one was hurt.

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A strange fascination with Nationalities

A recent aeroplane crash reminded me of something that has been bugging me for sometime. I have been watching over the last decade as a need to seems to have developed to state the nationality of the deceased. Maybe they did it before and I had not noticed. But I think it is . . . → Read More: A strange fascination with Nationalities


a place to cross

I nearly ran over a J-walking pedestrian today. He came out between the parked cars where it was illegal to do so, not watching where he was going. Luckily he turned around in time and was shocked. I is not surprising 100’s die each year by getting themselves . . . → Read More: pedestrians


I had a small prang on the bike. . . . → Read More: Crash!

compatibility problems?

I have crashed the beta version of Safari a few times today. I am not sure if it is wordpress or cpanel that is doing it. I suspect the latter. Anyways, I have sent a few bug reports off to apple.

to do, work out why the email post did not work.

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Cars and Cafes

Not long after I moved to Ridge Road, Kallista, I had this dream. I travel down the hill in my car to a shopping center, it is some strange amalgam of existing ones. It does not really exist. There are several cafes. In one are my friends. In others are people who live in . . . → Read More: Cars and Cafes


Another example of how the papers repeat the news and another of my relatives who makes it into the national press. Edward J. Ladmore (1878-1948) is my Third Cousin, three times removed. His wife, Mary A. Chapman (1889-1928) and his son, Edward H. Ladmore (1928-1928) also died in the crash. His daughter, Rose . . . → Read More: TRUCK OVERTURNS MOTHER AND SON KILLED.

The tragic Death of Charlotte Erby, nee Clarke

This is the other tragic death in the story of two tragic deaths, both for her and for her husband.

THE GOLD FIELDS. (1853, March 19). The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843-1893), p. 4. Retrieved December 21, 2010, from

Local Intelligence. (1853, April 7). Colonial Times (Hobart, . . . → Read More: The tragic Death of Charlotte Erby, nee Clarke