On Friday the girls hired the disney movie Mulan. It is a typical Disney movie but this time set in china. The first time around I did not see it as I was too sick and chose the go to sleep option. The girls loved it. They wanted to be more Chinese.

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Observation Tuesday – A problem with sides

When I first started looking after the girls I was very disappointed at their response to eating Chinese food, particularly from the older one.

Then we were watching the Olympics. Krysta was barracking for Australia, and I, as always, was not supporting any side, but rather had a focus on the . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesday – A problem with sides

Photo Mondays – 2012 April 30 – The Xian Muslims

The Muslims in Xian, who are officially known as the Hui ( 回族, حُوِ ذَو) people, have quite a different appearance and culture from the generic stereotype of a muslim in the west. Still they Follow their own version of the muslim faith and use Arabic writing in a Chinese world. The food they have . . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2012 April 30 – The Xian Muslims

Photo Mondays – 2012 January 16 – a small boy and a pink fish iPhone 4 case

A cave temple diorama iPhone 4 Case for sale on Red Bubble.

Bullying Tactics

In the last 12 months I have been subject to much more bullying that used to be the case. It seems that Australia is becoming a land of bullies. Here are some examples, they are mostly to do with fear of the Internet.

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Nasi Lemak @ Uncle Johns

One of the astounding differences that exists between the people of Sydney (and strangely including the police) but not the people of Melbourne and the Malaysian Chinese is that the latter think that uncle and aunty is a honorific given to important people in relation to your family as well as people who . . . → Read More: Nasi Lemak @ Uncle Johns

disliking the french

Previously I blogged on disliking the Japanese and Lebanese. Well now it seems to be the turn of the French. It has been going along at least since the second gulf was when the French were sensible enough to stay out of it.

On the TV news reports of the European response to . . . → Read More: disliking the french

cosmopolitan or multicultural

One thing I always liked about Melbourne was how multicultural it was and how far it had come in this regard to when I first arrived there in about 1969. So it was a bit of a culture shock to step back in time by arriving in Sydney. Here are a few things that have . . . → Read More: cosmopolitan or multicultural

wierdness about middle names

I come from a Chinese Malaysian background and spent my early life in the newly separated Singapore. For chinese people middle names are a vital part of our name and are freely told to everyone. In fact when we are more formal, we use our middle names. My name is Yap . . . → Read More: wierdness about middle names

uncles and aunties

Uncle Tony

In the culture where I come from, Uncle and Aunty are often used as an honorific. If you have adults who are close friends of the family, they are honoured by calling them uncle and aunty. So it was a bit of a shock when I discovered that people here . . . → Read More: uncles and aunties