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Riding to the supermarket, making pizzas

On of the advantages of living where we are is that the one and only bicycle track goes past out front door. The girls rode for the first time to the super market.

Teresa still has a hard time with down hill sections on the balance bike. I . . . → Read More: Riding to the supermarket, making pizzas

Other things Wednesdays – 932 MPGe

The other day I saw a debate about the MPGe calculations for Electric only cars. They all seem to be at or just below 100 MPGe (equivalent Miles Per Gallon). Then, by chance, I down loaded a tracking program for the bike. It also gives the amount of calories expended. So I decided . . . → Read More: Other things Wednesdays – 932 MPGe

2012 January 18

Well I forgot to turn off the recorder at the end it really did not take me this long.

Video Sundays – 2011 November 21 – Life is short

The Holstee Manifesto is a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community.

Riding to work

Some inmages from riding to work.

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Commenting Thursdays – 2011 May 12

A call for motoring helmets

My comment: I vaguely remember the motoring helmet discussion, I was quite young at the time. Maybe we should have a campaign here in Sydney (Australia) and get cyclists to start wearing helmets when travelling in cars. The discussion of equestrian helmets is also enlightening. I . . . → Read More: Commenting Thursdays – 2011 May 12

Bike Marrickville Chocolate and Fine Food Ride

Well I finally got to go on the Bike Marrickville Chocolate and Fine Food Ride. They are easily the most popular rides and they are now run twice a year. Fiona organises them and we go around Marrickville visiting various places that sell sweets.We started the day at Petersham, near the station . . . . → Read More: Bike Marrickville Chocolate and Fine Food Ride

Video Sunday – 2011 March 13

A video of cycling in Sydney.

Vuelo Velo from Vuelo Velo on Vimeo.

Yeppoon to Rockhampton Via Emu Park

Well, it was hot. I had only arrived in Queensland 2 days before and I was suffering from the heat. Even though it was only in the high 20’s. I met up with Hugh who was riding on a long bike recumbent tandem with his wife. We queued up along the beach front, . . . → Read More: Yeppoon to Rockhampton Via Emu Park

CQ Training Ride 1

Well, I have booked everything for Cycle Queensland in 2010 from Yepoon to Bundaberg. But I need to get some training done. I have had a cold and I have not been riding so much. So today was my first training run with a target distance of 50 km. In the end I . . . → Read More: CQ Training Ride 1