Bad Drivers

I caught the bus on Friday becuase it was cold, raining and I had quite a cold and I did not want it to get worse. We had over 50mm of rain in Paddington. While I was waiting for a bus I ended up having a discussion with a man who said that . . . → Read More: Bad Drivers

The internet is a common carrier

People spend a lot of time about whining about the internet. But really they miss the point all together. The internet is a transportation system and the common carrier rules that apply to it are similar to that of any transport system so I will use some analogies with common transport systems which . . . → Read More: The internet is a common carrier

a dangerous bit of road

three way

This is the most dangerous bit of road I ride on. It is a minor through road, so there is a modicum of traffic. But it has been modified becuase of the railway line. It changes width in unexpected ways, it is sometimes one way and two way. Where it . . . → Read More: a dangerous bit of road

An overreaction?

Here are some new laws in Victoria. I wonder what the fine would be for a motorist who did the same thing? I had a school friend who was on bicycle by a car and squashed between the car and a parked truck. He spent 6 months in hospital. No one cried out that he . . . → Read More: An overreaction?