Living with cockroaches

One of the things about Sydney, with it’s humid weather, is that it is a veritable home to cockroaches. Melbourne and Adelaide, dryer and colder, do not suffer these problems. So I have had a continuous fight with the blighter’s ever since I got here. In Mosman I tried cockroach bombs, though I . . . → Read More: Living with cockroaches

a double standard

If a man kills a pedestrian while riding a bike, they write new laws to throw such people in jail. If a man kills a pedestrian while driving a car they say it was an accident and accidents happen. If it happened here in NSW they would be wanting to put a crash . . . → Read More: a double standard

Andrew Pugsley is dead!

this dream happened on 30 Dec 2007. It seems to be a rehash of vaguely remembered dreams from before, but from where andrew joins in, it is completely new.

I am in a bar come coffee shop, with australian bush furnishings, but serving a mix of things more like a beer house in europe. I . . . → Read More: Andrew Pugsley is dead!