Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club Open Day

I headed back to Tempe, down the Bourke street cycleway to the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club open day. I was surprised, and pleased, by how much they have built in the southern section. It has clearly been some time since I went down there. I think that I finally understand why I could . . . → Read More: Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club Open Day

Video Sundays – 2010 July 25

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club – Saturday Slowies.

An altercation

While riding back from Centennial Park, we were accosted by a older man and his wife. I think that they were unhappy about us riding two wide past Redfern Station. He (quite illegally) double parked his car outside of the Eveleigh Markets and proceeded to explain that he believed that it was illegal . . . → Read More: An altercation

Le Tour De Disneyland

I am not sure that I have ever been up at 4:30 AM on Christmas Day before, but today I was. I headed down Marrickville road to Mic Mazza’s to see Gi and co head off on their intrepid ride to Melbourne and for some, onto Tasmania. They are travelling light and expecting . . . → Read More: Le Tour De Disneyland

Budgy Smugglers on the Slowies Ride

budgy smugglers

My intention was to take a video of a lap of Centennial Park. But on arriving at Maccas bike shop, I found that GI and co were in Budgy Smugglers. I mean, Gi had told me that they were going to do a budgy smuggler ride this weekend. But I . . . → Read More: Budgy Smugglers on the Slowies Ride

DHBC Rave Rollers


I have been meaning to go down to the Tempe Velodrome for a month now. The DHBC have training sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. I wanted to take the camera gear and try out some cycling photography. But every day I have set aside to do so I have been unable . . . → Read More: DHBC Rave Rollers

BFF street party

DH Bottle

In the morning I headed down the Saturday Slowies to meed Nada and to pick up some of the new water bottles. I have leant the Giant to Nada. Hopefully she has it going by now. The water bottles have no press in lid. They had a one way valve. . . . → Read More: BFF street party

Gong Ride 2009

bike parking

about to enter

The gong ride. I had not really been intending on doing this. But the others from DHBC convinced me I should go on it. I was going to go with the slowies group. But I had not been very organised and ended up in the second . . . → Read More: Gong Ride 2009

Budgie Smugglers



This morning on the Saturday Morning Slowies ride we were in for a bit of a surprise. I had not been following the DHBC forums, but it seems two riders who are in training for the half iron man race on the gold coast needed to do some training . . . → Read More: Budgie Smugglers

Fiendish winds



I had decided to go to Kurnell today as part of my training for Cycle Queensland 2009. But I sill did the Saturday Morning Slowies ride with the DHBC. But unlike last week, where I pushed myself to 4 laps for the first time, I did only 1 1/2 . . . → Read More: Fiendish winds